Making a change

Fast food chains have actually tried to make a change to make their food slightly healthier. McDonald’s is now adding more healthier foods to their menu such as fruits and salads. The kid’s meal has more choices such as Apples, yogurt, or fruits and has even cut their portions of fries on the kids menu. Another great feature McDonald has come up with is under each food items it tells you how many calories it contains so that you are informed and not blinded by the amounts of calories. Burger King created the first lower-calorie French fry. The Fries have 40 percent less fat and 30 percent fewer calories than a standard fries. Now Does it really have to take young people recognizing they don’t want to eat harmful things for them to change. It took fast food restaurant to finally realize they’re losing tons of money for them to actually start thinking for making their food more healthy. Taco Bell has made a change by lowering their artificial color in the food, which cuts out a lot of excess sugar making it slightly healthier. The more educated we people about these food chains the more changes will come about.


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