Watch out for Taco Bell

Cinnamon Delights is one of Taco Bell dessert option they sell, and you can basically compare this dessert to a giant ball of grease with a total of 310 calories. I actually have a good friend who works there and she basically told me she would never eat at her job ever. The food at Taco Bell is prepared in the morning and they don’t really prepare another batch of food until they run out, so basically if no one has ordered the crunchwrap you’ve been craving all day and it’s around 4:00 pm you could be receiving a wrap that was made at 9:00 am. My friend Ashley has confessed the nastiest truth about her job, which is they never clean their soda machine nozzles. Since I’ve started working at a restaurant one thing that we all did was rinse out the soda machine why? Because mold will grow around the nozzle which is highly insanitary. Taco Bell also uses the extra left over food they have the following day, so their food is not so fresh has they make it to seem. The tacos are also usually filled more with the cheese, lettuce, and tomato simply because they don’t want to remake their meat, because it is more difficult than cutting up some lettuce.


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