Watch out for McDonald’s McRibs


Keep an eye out for this is a limited time offering, the McRib pork sandwich it is one of the most eye opening things in the menu. One of its ingredients in this so called rib is azodicarbonamide, a chemical used to bleach the flour bread, but is also used in making shoes and mats. The nasty truth about the tasty McRib is the so-called tasty ribs have had been found by researchers that the pork was nothing more than resorted meat product made from all the cheap innards and the throw away meat of a pig. doesn’t sound so good anymore does it? The average McDonald’s meal contains so much sodium, unhealthy fat, sugar and carbs, it’s shocking. Fast food chains don’t care about how unhealthy their product is for us they simply just want our money. It is very important to at least know what type of chemicals you are putting in your body. Putting harmful carbs or dangerous ingredients to your body will make you more vulnerable to contracting diseases such such diabetes. I don’t think eating a so called rib from this food chain is worth it ruining my whole body. McDonald’s has falsely advertised their so called Mcrib into making everyone think it’s something it’s really not.


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