Big Mac (McDonald)


Watch out for certain food at McDonald’s such as the Big Mac it releases a certain set of chemicals which they compare to taking drugs like cocaine. After 20 minutes, it makes your body is craving more and more of the fructose corn syrup found in the burger bun. 30 minutes after consuming the treat, the 970 milligrams of salt will dehydrate you making you crave soda adding on to the dangerous risk you’re putting your body in more of a risks of certain diseases. Personally I enjoy eating at McDonald’s but i truly say that I have felt these symptoms before. After eating a burger or fries, i felt extra sluggish and dehydrated. Did you know that a Big Mac bun contains high levels of high-fructose corn syrup and sodium.I believe that it’s all about control, yeah eating a Big Mac every day will cause serious health issues, but having it once in awhile won’t do a body such harm. Now if someone was to eat a Big Mac every day it could cause seroius problems for a person, rising your blood pressure is one of the many things eating a simple burger from this food chain can do to you.


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