Steak ‘n Shake

After working at Steak ‘n Shake for about 5 months I was able to come to the realization I would never step foot back here again.  Steak n shake is a typical dinner where they sell milkshakes and hamburgers, but what you really don’t  know is how they prepare the food. Now what you think is a high quality vanilla milkshake is actually cheap $5.00 ice cream tank mixed with vanilla artificial flavor. Whenever the health department would come to check out the restaurant we would pass by the tip of a nail.  Now for the employees they basically get worked to the bone, usually a 9-10 hour shift are usually the most common shifts being given out. One of the biggest area of concern  is the customer service, after working here i noticed the policy isn’t as strict on their employee as other restaurants are. With no set rules workers tend to feel as if they can get away with things that aren’t right for example, I had a lady come up to be asking where her food was which she ordered 40 minutes ago and sure enough it was just sitting in the kitchen under the heating lamb in front of the sever face, but she was too busy on her phone to notice. Steak n Shake is open 24 hours so mopping or sweeping the area is rarely even done. The cooking area is probably the biggest mess cooks are usually too busy cooking that they have no time to pick up for themselves, which leaves the ground covered in fries or food they’ve dropped. Cooking grease/ oil is hardly ever changed which means you could be eating fries where last month food was also cooked.


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