Golden Arches

McDonald’s is one of the most nation wide known brand for fast-food, but do you really know what you’re putting in you body while munching on a burger? McDonald’s hamburger have actually shown no signs of decomposition after 5 years. One example is David Whipple, a man from Utah, who claimed that he had a McDonald’s hamburger that dates back to 1999, but is yet to show any sign of decomposition. Whipple bought the burger to keep for two weeks and show to his friends, but then forgot about it. Two years later, he found it in his coat pocket, with the original receipt, with no signs of rotting or mold. McDonald’s has recently stopped using the “pink slime” in their beef, which is a slimy like ingredient made of many different beef scraps like cow connective tissues and ammonium hydroxide. I mean i guess it’s good for them that they’ve stopped using it but they should of have never used that type of “beef” in our food to begin with. It took the media learning about pink slime and exposes them and the world for them to make a change. McDonald’s beef comes from concentrated agricultural feeding farm, which basically raises animals to breed, eat fating food and end up getting slaughtered for their meat. Not only is this cruel for the animals and the environment, but eating meat from sick animals will only make you sick. When you eat a McDonald’s hamburger you are basically getting a mouth full of antibiotics, hormones, and unhealthy food that the cows have been feed.


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